This Spanish music producer went from making remixes of his favorite tracks, to creating music of his own. He makes EDM with that distinctive “Spanish sound” loved across the globe. In “Tus Ojos” (Your Eyes), heavy kicks, dancing bass, and uplifting synths can be found. LISTEN NOW!

DJ Moderno is a Madrid, Spain based musician and producer who spent years remixing Indie, national and international, bands. He is house DJ in several clubs of his city, and has make appearances in a variety of European festivals.

Although he has released music since 2015, it was until 2020 when everything started to come together for this Madrileño. He recently released his full album “La Nave Nodriza” (The Mothership) and “Tus Ojos” is the album’s second track.

Making use of all of his music production knowledge, DJ Moderno is able to create uplifting atmospheres that invite us to dance in ecstasy and shout along the vocoded vocals. In contrast with this, the single’s lyrics are all but joyful. They speak about a toxic relationship, and a night out when a lot of bad things start to happen.

It is this contradictions that make of “Tus Ojos” (your eyes), a very entertaining track which can be easily accepted and enjoyed by almost any listener. It is catchy, supersonic, and with a lot of Pop influences that remind us of bands like The KVB, Disclosure or Sextile.

Without a doubt, DJ Moderno’s sound is modern and infectious. A vibrant juxtaposition of party elements mixed with common human struggles and philosophies that wrap us within a sense of freedom and celebration. Do give it a listen!

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