This Philly artist mixes the Punk with the emo to create a savage blast of stunning guitar riffs and angsty vocals. “My Movie” is a super duper danceable beast, sure to make you throw yourself out of the window into a vodka-filled swimming pool. LISTEN NOW!

What is going on, my beautiful melomaniacs? It’s your boy MadZen and today we’ll be reviewing these over-the-top musicians straight out from Philladelphia, USA. Leaded by singer (or should I say, screamer) Brandon Richie, this four-piece band is a full-on Punk meets Emo experience that you can not miss out!!

Brandon Richie’s music will make you wanna bang your head against clean dishes. Aggressive, gritty, emotional bliss. This track honestly made me wanna go to Walmart and buy all of their Mountain Dew. It made me wanna scream to my previous MOFO boss with whom I’ve had no contact for over two years. This track is the most pure and sophisticated “Don’t help me, I’m in hell, but I’m having a great time” I’ve ever listened to.

This track was a roller coaster of emotions. It’s about FOMO. And how everyone just wants their 15 mins of fame.” – Brandon Richie

The Punk vocalist was having self-doubts about his music, so he decided to contact producer Pete Zen and work together tirelessly. “My Movie” came to be. Powerful choruses, ethereal pre-choruses, youthful screams. Even some auto-tune in there!

As a man who truly loves creating, Richie doesn’t really mind if it doesn’t gets him anywhere at all.

But I definitely want attention and to get picked up by a label and do the pop star dream. Music is a hard life of rejection. Gotta keep pushing to get what you want.

It is, in deed, my friend. So please do keep on rocking, for the world needs more music like yours. Explosive, dynamic, innovative, fearless. Cero-fucks-given attitude!

Brandon Richie recruited Shane Hobensack (Bass God / Tantric sex connoisseur), Adam Beigler (Held against his will / Bad at parking), and Brian Feenie (Cookie Salesman / Age 104) to help him immortalize his music both live and in the studio.

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