This German acoustic trio brings light and darkness to the table with their harmoniously balanced new single. “The Pond” is a mystifying Indie track filled with dreamy guitar melodies and humane vocals, all covered under a well-crafted composition.

We intended to create a darkly-romantic, introspective vibe which reconciles light and darkness which we all hold within. From a place of despair can come great hope and power”. Jetlagged

Good day to you, ladies and gentlemen, I hope you’re all doing well! Today we have a very interesting single that tries to even out positive and negative energies using the tender caress of acoustic melodies. Inspired by lonely walks in lost and mystic woods, “The Pond” delivers a soothing and inspiring mood.

Jetlagged is an acoustic trio from Frankfurt, Germany who have been writing and performing music together for over 15 years now. They found inspiration in the deep desire of transcendence to write this single, and carefully crafted it to match their Indie / Folk / Pop style.

“The Pond” truly delivers a sense of being willfully lost in the woods, bound to nothing except yourself and mother nature. The feeling of being away from everything and everyone is something we all need every once in a while, and Jetlagged has delivered a track that could help us achieve such feat much more easily. Just with the click of a button!

You will hear gentle acoustic guitars, with elongated notes through a cavern-like reverb. Vocals singing about the artist’s interaction with a beautiful pond hidden in the woods, and the nature around it. Celestial synths and simple pianos help to increase the sensation of calmness and wonder. Soon you find yourself surrounded by trees over a beautiful lake. Remember to just let go!

“The Pond” epitomizes the deep desire for transcendence, to escape our world without a trace and to ultimately be reborn into a peaceful and soothing place that wraps us up in harmony with nature and ourselves.” – Jetlagged

We want our listeners to embrace everything they are, the good and the bad, strength and weakness. Opposites in harmony”. Jetlagged.

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