Hyooman – “Pilot”

The Minneapolis Indie Rock band is finally releasing their new album “Pilot“, a beautiful collection of soft songs with silky textures that’ll make you feel great while, and after, you hear them. The thematic of the songs span from the nostalgia of being a kid, to the never ending pursue of profit. “Pilot” is a must hear and we strongly encourage you to listen now!!!

After the releasing of their last two singles, Month End, and Kid, HYOOMAN now returns with their full-length album titled “Pilot” (a reference to the first episode of any television series to test the audience’s reaction before they produce a season).

This album is our “pilot” so to speak – since this is our debut album. Pilot covers a variety of themes we experience in modern day: frustrations with social media, existential dread, finding yourself in an age of mass information and algorithms, capitalism, introspection, and nostalgia.” – HYOOMAN

Hyooman’s sound is very characteristic, it holds a unique contradiction of freshness and nostalgia. Their guitar/bass tones and the subtle harmonics of the drums blend together perfectly, giving all their tracks a smooth and almost lo-fi sound. Leng’s vocals are charming and feel very humane, giving life to every track, each of them with their own personalities.

Of course Kid and Month End are included in the album, but it also comes with new beautiful tracks like So Proud, and I Feel Fine. There’s almost a lullaby sensation to the album as a whole, a reassuring nostalgic that wraps us up with its silky tones and steady beats.

The album draws inspiration from Alex G, The Strokes, and early Weezer (Pinkerton & Blue album), among other Alternative bands, and you can hear it. But there’s no denying that Hyooman has created their own, unique, distinctive sound, where all their songs feel cohesive and come together as a whole.

Pilot closes with the track “Sometimes“, yet another charming track that nurtures human emotion with its simple yet effective melodies and warm pads. Every instrument is so simple on their own, but as a whole they deliver such tremendous power.

Sonically, we did not dwell in technical precision and recorded live as much as possible to capture the human spirit. We wanted to produce an album that felt honest and sincere.” – Hyooman

Once you think the album is over, the music slowly returns with an almost playful spirit where every instrument begins to deliberately “fail” in accuracy, almost as if Hyooman’s last statement was “we’re not perfect, and that’s ok”.

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