Bad Blood – “A Birthmark On My Hip”

The English-coaster returns with a brand new single that makes the question: “What’ll happen if I’d only care about myself?”. In “A Birthmark On My Hip”, the musician takes an imaginary approach to selfishness and recklessness, leaving relationships and community behind. LISTEN NOW!

Bad Blood is releasing a new track crafted with an Indie Rock attitude. With a sound that resembles bands like Arctic Monkeys and Alt-J, this single is a no-shame ode to individualism and vanity!

Let’s be honest, everyone fantasies about being a bit selfish, reckless, from time to time right? Being able to do what you want, when you want, however you want right? Or is that just me?

– Bad Blood

This song was created with the intention to reflect the egoistic desire of going about in life without taking any responsibility whatsoever for your actions. Here the artist made use of jumpy, playful guitar riffs that stick in your head, as well as cynical lyricism. A banger that takes us on a bumpy ride filled with snappy drums and ear-worm melodies.

Bad Blood is influenced by acts like Alt-J, 21 pilots, Lana del Rey, Nirvana, and Paul Simon, but he also finds inspiration in the cinematic world of movies like ‘Red lights’, ‘Shutter island’, ‘The Game’, ‘Seven’, ‘The Usual Suspects’, and ‘Pitch Perfect’. All of these influences come together to create a unique artistic expression.

He likes to write music that is not easily pin-pointed into a single genre, but instead fall right between the grey areas of musical expression. In this single, the Englishman has brought together all of these interesting, thought-provoking questions and present them with a tongue-in-cheek, Indie Rock attitude.

I’m planning to release a new song every 6 weeks before the end of the year. The last one will be in October in time for Halloween. I’m not interested in going to try compete with a million Christmas songs. I’ll be releasing new tracks in the New Year.

– Bad Blood

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