She’s Mine – “Out My Shell”

Young UK-based artist Keara, AKA She’s Mine is on a quest to redefine Pop music and is set for a good start in her upcoming single. “Out My Shell” mixes the spectrums of Pop, avant-gardism, and Trap, to create a fresh, provocative, and exciting song with dark overtones. OUT NOW!!!

Keara Koterwas is an American-born, 20 yo, British singer currently based in Manchester, UK. After catching the attention of BBC Manchester and BBC Introducing in Scotland with the releases of her previous song “It’s All to be Reversed” and her debut album, she is now coming back this 1st of July with a new original track inspired by Doja Cat and the trap genre.

“Out My Shell” is all about self-acceptance in a world that many times makes us hide parts of ourselves in order to fit in society. Exploring the theme of feeling like an outcast, She’s Mine’s single sets to embrace every little bit of ourselves even if people don’t find it comfortable.

I wrote the chorus first, then the beat and then the narrative verses about being an alien coming down to Earth and trying to fit in. I was really into Doja Cat and beat making at the time so naturally this song took on a trap feel.” – She’s Mine

Some people might compare Keara’s vocal approach to that of Billie Eilish, there’s a lot of exploration musically and sonically. The earthquaking beat hits like a mofo, and Keara’s melodies sound really fresh and unique, truly bringing something new to the table.

As mentioned above, the artist was inspired by Doja Cat and FKA Twigs at the time, so there’s a lot of Trap elements going on behind Keara’s singing. The massive bass is what stands out more, delivering that aggressive trap feel to the track, vastly complementing the dark, alluring, vocal melodies

She’s Mine credits her taste to Talking Heads, The Clash, Laurie Anderson, Peter Gabriel, but also to Katy Perry, Jessie J, Crystal Castles and Kate Nash. The track was mixed and mastered by her classmate at the Royal Northern College of Music, Noah Curran.

Without a doubt there’s something really promising about these young artist, and she still has a lot of songs waiting to be released so she’s definitely worth keeping an eye on. Don’t forget to PRESS THAT PLAY BUTTON to enjoy this track!

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  1. Keara vs. Billie Eilish: After reading,–“Some people may equate Keara’s vocal approach to that of Billie Eilish,” –someone should warn Billie to be on the lookout next month, because Keara is coming for her.

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