This Haverford, USA artist is on a mission to help the lost find their way back, and does so with sweet compositions of personal experiences. “Best I’ve Ever Had” is a beautiful musical arrangement about having to separate from your partner, and dreaming about reuniting and running away together. LISTEN NOW!

Peter Gural writes music for outsiders from the inside. After losing himself under a spiral of addiction and mental health problems during his teens and early 20’s, he was finally able to overcome and decided that his main goal was to find the inner kid he lost a long time ago.

“Best I’ve Ever Had” was written under bittersweet circumstances, as he was finally going to graduate after all the turmoil he had been through, but he was also parting ways with his partner and best friend, Kerry. Quick fact: Kerry makes the covers for all of Peter’s songs!

Images of the summer we spent together were swirling through my head, it was a massive come down having to part with her. Though these sad emotions were coursing through me as I was writing the song I was also very hopeful.” – Peter Gural

Hope and sadness are mixed in Peter’s new single. Music described by him as “Soft Indie”, finding inspiration in artists like Elliot Smith and Marc Demarco. There’s an easy vibe to it, and also clever little moments of inspiration where the song stops, shifts, and carries on with a playful and unexpected attitude.

It actually starts pretty mellow, and almost kinda goofy, but the song builds up with such honesty that it soon gets a hold on you with its jolly melodies and harmonized vocals. The sadness bits come later, in a masterful switch of trajectory made by Peter, all balanced in a pretty neat way.

This is a very interesting track and deserves all of your attention, so please do hit that play button!

I was (and still am) hopeful for a future with her and the pockets of time we get to spend together until then. That’s why the resulting emotion of the song is “Happy Sad” because even though I moved 300 miles away from her, I realized as I was writing the song that it wasn’t a “farewell” it was a “see you soon”.” – Peter Gural

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