Norrisette – “Wild Being”

Norrisette goes feral in her brand new single “Wild Being“, an electronic dance track with a dark twist that aims towards setting us free in this sometimes overwhelming world. An ecstatic dance of disconnection and connection, all at once. OUT NOW!!!

Our good friend Norrisette has taken a turn far from the solitary sounds of her EP Paper. Known for her experimentation with sounds, as she did in her last release Future Dream, the Manchester-based artist now returns with a wild single that disrupts and heavily contrasts against her previous themes.

In “Wild Being” the artist truly channelled all of her/our frustrations, the difficulties we endure just to be able to feed ourselves, working for several hours a day. Beginning with her well-known softly sung voice, the single quickly turns into a feral dance track where disorder and unpredictability are king.

 “The message is that I want everyone to be free to live the life they deserve, like a wild creature who doesn’t have to prove their worth. It is also a release of energy to try and find some fun and joy despite all the hard times we are going through in the world!” – Norrisette

I believe this is Norrisette’s most obscure track up to date. Making use of distorted and menacing whispers, heavy saw synths, a deep kick, and eerie/industrial elements, the ambience of the track is as mind-bending as it is liberating, propelling us into a tribal trance of chaos and perhaps even anger. Pretty neat!

As always, Norrisette produced, arranged, and designed “Wild Being” by herself. Her next gig will be at Bluedot Festival on the Nebula stage this July, so if you wanna go and support her, dancing away all your stress, please feel free to do so.

This single is inspired by financial inequality and injustice, and is intended to challenge the idea that humans must earn their right to eat.” – Norrisette

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