These Post-Punk loonies have risen from the fourth dimension to bring us a frantic composition inspired by 60’s Garage Rock. “Down The Pen” goes fast and hard with a tongue-in-cheek attitude. A song that will make you sweat and lose control! LISTEN AND WATCH THE VIDEO NOW!!!

Happy New Music Friday! It’s your good friend MadZen and today it is my pleasure to introduce you to a brand new band hailing from Penryn, Cornwall. KLEN is a four-piece band made up of three guitarists and a standing drummer. No bass! At least, not really.

The have been called the freakbeat beatniks of the 4th dimension, aka Cornwall. These unhinged beasts have a very visceral sound, and an eager approach towards anarcho-prog-punk, so you can expect things to get a bit loud.

Down The Pen” is their debut single, in which they present psychedelic energy mixed with the panic-struck of 60’s rock and roll. Screamed and high-pitched vocals stand over a bed of ravaging guitars and the berserk strike of the drums. An experience that’ll leave you breathless!

And now, time to introduce the members!

Rough Skin – guitar maestro and exfoliator extraordinaire.

Bill-upon-Tubs A.K.A. Sticks B. Slippin – half human, half river, half beat-maker… half sonic macerator.

Orlando Nice – the third limb, hardcore noise specialist.

Melvin Schæfferhoof A.K.A The Financial Ombudsman – Our newest recruit: a cult folk artist who has been hiding in plain sight within the financial regulation sector for a number of years.

Without a doubt this is a very interesting debut for these British punks, and we will definitely follow them closer as they move forward! In the meantime, sing along with their crazed rhythm!

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