A_shes dances to the beat of his anxious heart in his upcoming single. A dreamy landscape of 90’s Pop nostalgia mixed with synthpop melodies. “Party Politics” is a very sweet and mellow sounding track inspired by the difficulties of becoming a young adult during the pandemic.

OUT NOW (RD: 15/07/22)

A_shes is an emerging Malaysian-Bornean artist based between London and Cambridge. His music can be described as nostalgic with an ethereal vibe, almost like when we dream. Underwater sounds, lush-bright synths, harmonious and soft vocals, and a chilled beat make of a_shes music a profound listening experience!

This single was specifically born after the artist attended a party last summer. I didn’t really like the host but I decided to go because my friends were there and I didn’t want to miss out, a_shes comments. He ended up becoming a passive observer as the party developed during the night, and that’s when he realized how important partying is as a young adult trying to find their place in the world.

It’s a skill with all these rules we have to play by to form meaningful connections just so we can avoid loneliness in a new stage of life” – a_shes

Supporting a_shes, “Party Politics” was co-produced alongside London based Palestinian producer
Imad Salhi. The deep kick of the track keeps us in an ecstatic trance, as the instruments create a cloud of different emotions blended together, where fear, love, loneliness, and amaze, stand out.

A_shes intention was to emulate that religious experience you get on a wild night out along with the introspection that comes with the post-party debrief. And you can tell; as the song develops and unfolds, you may be even able to visualize that same party a_shes attended that night.

This artist speaks to young adults and I find that to be very helpful, we all need to feel understood from time to time and that’s what a_shes delivers. So go check him out, and hit that PLAY button!

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