Robbie Rapids and David Levene teamed up once again to bring us a brand-new, funky & groovy, rock track. “April’s Gonna Rain” delivers all the heat of a funky bass groove, supported by the smacking hits of the drums. OUT NOW! (RD: 15/07/22)

There’s a saying that goes “April showers bring May flowers”. Well, this time the American rock duo is preparing to release a brand new single based on such a saying and inspired by an experience Robbie had with a co-worker (with whom he had a crush for years).

This co-worker was engaged and soon to be married. Maybe it was because she had cold feet, or because her emotions were all over the place, either way, she entrusted Robbie with all of her drama and trouble. Hence, this single was born.

“April’s Gonna Rain” refers to the co-worker herself, and how her emotions would make the clouds rain. It is a funky track with a vibe of mystery to it. A strangely alluring song that takes a hold of us with its sexy groove and tight drumming. Robbie sings with a wild spirit, and David plays a guitar solo that seems to evoke the very thunder gods of old.

April the name means to “open up” – a time of young beauty (opening of young flower buds and renewal)” – Robbie Rapids

The lyrics talk about thunderstorms, both emotional and natural. It is a wild sprint of earth-binding elements that shake us from our very roots. A genius musical translation about how thought and emotion overdrive can make anyone feel. It’s gonna rain!

In the end, the sun will rise again, at least I think that’s what Robbie and David intended to portray in this track. I may be wrong! Either way, we encourage you to hit that PLAY button and tell us yourselves!

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