These London-based Punks are back again with their fourth single release up to date. “Pro League” sounds like a bunch of hooligans coming your way, a stampede of big bad men ready to destroy and break everything in their way, while Suzitoy is playing in the background!

OUT NOW! (RD: 15/07/22)

The British ravagers are soon returning with what is hands down their most brutal track yet. Daring to explore with genres and different styles of compositions, Suzitoy have crafted a really strong Punk track that spits about gambling, greed and falling out with your best friend. Really family friendly!

In case you missed their previous single, Lizzy, Suzitoy is a British Punk trio created in 2018 by Marlon (guitar/vox), Ko (bass/vox), and Bish. Marlon and Ko both played together in their former band “We Buy Gold”, while Bish was formally part of “Flesh for Lulu”.

“Pro League” starts with a molting bass that makes the earth shake and the walls bounce, quick drum fills pave the way towards the explosion that’s to come. Energetic, exciting, and smashing, this single is ready to hit the pub with its violent guitars and shouting vocals.

Unpredictably and excitement are key factors in Suzitoy’s compositions, that’s why just when you think you’ve heard it all from “Pro League”, an unexpected and sudden breakdown happens right after the last chorus. Powerful and ambitious, the outro catches us by surprise with frantic drums and snappy guitar riffs. Welcome to the towers!

Driven by a fuzzy, hard edged bass, guitars that alternate between ringing and chomping, and a fast paced momentum emphasized by the drums. A punchy rap delivers the narrative. 

 Recorded at Perry Vale studios by Pat Collier of ‘The Vibrators’. It’ll be released on the 15th of July 2022. We’ll be releasing an Ep this year possibly in the autumn.

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