This is a very interesting Indie-Rock track with a lot of bounce to it. “The Krystal Method” strikes fast and hard, with kind of a Happy-Punk attitude. LISTEN NOW!

Sydney-based musician William Raleigh Vere Evatt is… you guessed it: I Have Four Names! Isn’t that surprising? And a very clever use of imagination, by the way! Hi, friends! It’s your boy MadZen and today we’ll be reviewing this single: “The Krystal Method”.

Apparently, Krystal is William’s created character who struggles to survive against “The Big Ones”, and not falling into the eternal void. Ok, I’m interested! This is also all an echo of I Have Four Names’ survival in the brutal world of independent music.

With a mean kick, a huge snare, and a deep & gnarly bass, “The Krystal Method” opens up the curtains. William’s verses mimic a patronising narrator, telling Krystal to “pull her life together” rather than just spending it balancing on the edge of greatness without ever taking the plunge. “She doesn’t take kindly to this bullshit mansplaining however.”, William says.

The song is actually pretty fun, with overdriven guitars sending Punk-ish riffs and background vocals supporting William’s chant. Explosive, aggressive, and with lots of groove, “The Krystal Method” continues the trend of I Have Four Names using one song per project to delve into the ‘methods’ used by a particular person (like those of Takeru Kobayashi, the godfather of competitive hot dog eating, on ‘The Solomon Method’; and of the American who became a cultural hero in Japan with ‘The William S. Clark Method’).

Since 2015, William has garnered a decent amount of success having sold hundreds of vinyl, cassettes and MiniDiscs of his last album. With this track, the artist is preparing the release of his forthcoming sophomore record, “SUSPENDED SENTENCE”.

Suspended Sentence follows the success of I Have Four Names’ 2020 debut LP ‘IH4N (DX)’ and the 2021 EP ‘Spike It’. Working with outside collaborators for the first time, including live drumming and mixing by renowned engineer Stefan Du Randt, ‘Suspended Sentence’ is the most polished and focused I Have Four Names project to date.

I Have Four Names’ 2nd album ‘Suspended Sentence’ is out on July 29.

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