Nicholas Langdon – “Show Me What You Live For”

This UK artist is making an excellent debut with this double single inspired by Indie Pop, Rock, and even Shoegaze. With two beautiful tracks, Nicholas Langdon expresses himself with honesty, showing a big amount of talent. OUT NOW! (RD: 21/07/22)

Hello my friends! A pleasure to greet you once again, I hope y’all doing well and enjoying your week. Today we have a beautiful two track-single release by this Preston, UK artist. Two emotional tracks with both chilled and uplifting beats that carry loads and loads of good stuff for both the ears and the soul.

Picking up a guitar for the first time when he was 16 years old, Nicholas Langdon’s desire was to truly express himself by singing and telling his story. Unfortunately some idiot told him that he couldn’t sing, so he mainly focused on creating instrumental post-rock music in his early 20’s. However, after growing tired of not being able to completely express himself, Nicholas set out to learn to sing, come what may, and well, the result is nothing but inspiring!

Show Me What You Live For” encloses tracks that come from the heart and deliver a certain sense of wonder mixed with melancholy. It’s a bit hard to explain, but both tracks can either lift you up or bring you down, I guess it depends on the day. Either way, they’re both worth listening to.

The first track is titled “Show Me”, and it’s an uplifting indie pop / rock song about Nicholas looking for help. He’s literally asking for a reason to keep on living. It might sound gloomy but trust me, this track is beautiful and the production is top-notch. Langdon has truly come up with a unique sound by using a wide plethora of instruments that work perfectly with each other.

“It was written in the aftermath of a really difficult period of my life, where I’d lost a lot of faith in the world around me and I’d either lost or felt I was losing a lot of the close relationships in my life.

– Nicholas Langdon

Second track, “She Wants Somebody Else” is a Shoegaze / Indie Rock inspired track with downtempo energy. Think of The National but more electronic. This track was written one evening whilst Nicholas sat alone during the demise of a long term relationship. It creates a surrounding atmosphere that can only be described as bitter-sweet. More sweet than bitter!

“This song is about feeling like you don’t really fit the expectations of your partner. So while you both might love each other dearly, you’re slowly beginning to realise that you’re not right for one another.” – Nicholas Langdon

Langdon’s music is influenced by a lot of great bands and artists like The 1975, James Blake, The Postal Service, The Chain Gang of 1974, Death Cab for Cutie, Bastille, blink-182, Mogwai, Explosions in the Sky, Taking Back Sunday, Miami Horror, Tears for Fears, Modest Mouse, The Cure, and Nirvana. No wonder his music is so good! So don’t forget to hit that PRE-SAVE button!

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