Skar de Line “New Silhouettes”

Back in May, a bright London-based artistic mind invited the listeners into his orchestral pop world describing humans nature in its most visceral way. The key word that was explored then was Breath, and the single that came out of it was “Reset“. Today, the artist is back with a whole new burst of energy, continuing the story right where he left off.

The artist is Skar de Line, a Swedish-born creative person, who’s both a musician as well as a filmmaker. Influenced by a slew of different genres from hiphop, metal and pop all the way to cinematic soundtracks, his music is a flourishing cascade that inspires and grabs the listener straight into the story with catchy hooks. The enigmatic artist also creates his own music videos, being wholly in charge of how the storyline develops in front of the listeners, and the music videos are as outstanding as the songs they were written for.

While “Reset” kept a strong and dark orchestral pop edge, the next song in line takes quite a turn away from the dark sound. “New Silhouettes” presents with a huge burst of renewing energy, a reinvigorating pop tune full of sparkling synths and a wild beat. It’s the second chapter of Skar de Line’s autobiographical story, and it dances through the world like a person fully in control of their life and leaving behind all that’s wearing them down. “New Silhouettes” is also accompanied by a music video which further reinforces the sheer strength and joy of living in its Western-influenced storyline. With the sun shining warmly on your body, all you’ve got to to is walk on and leave those ghosts behind!

Watch the brand new video for New Silhouettes or listen the track NOW!!!

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