Connor Terrones – “Drown”

This Denver-based musician mixes influences of hip-hop, jazz, fusion, R&B, and techno to deliver a future-sounding landscape of human emotions. “Drown” is a rollercoaster of sound, a sometimes abrupt, sometimes dreamy track that spins us round and round under its beautiful chaos.

OUT NOW! (RD: 22/07)

Loving music for as long as he can remember, Connor Terrones grew up listening to The Beatles and Motown music. He later began to play guitar, studying the legendary riffs of Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, and many more 70’s Rock Gods. Over time his attention turned towards the funky/jazz/R&B sound of artists like D’Angelo, James Brown, John Coltrane, and J Dilla. This is when his palette of influences really began to expand.

Now, using all of his musical knowledge, Connor is bringing forward his own brand of funky-fusion style. In his new single “Drown” there is no shortage of imagination, in fact we are presented with a huge plethora of funky-electronic sounds that wrap us up in a chaotic groove. A well-managed, tightly produced track that sounds like the future.

“Drown” is a lyrically a plea for help, and the offering of help for those who need it, inspired by the experimental sounds of Thundercat, Knower and Hiatus Kaiyote. Connor describes this track using but one word: Panic.

It’s about begging for help when life gets overwhelming and offering help in return. It is a plea for some sort of assistance in this life and is rooted in feelings of uncertainty, fear, and desperation.

In deed Connor asks for help with verses like “Do not let me drown“, as a bedrock of funky/jazzy instruments swirl like an out of control merry-go-round in the background. Playful synths and lush pads provide the dream-like ambience, and the song twists and turns leaving no space for stability! Pretty fun! Don’t forget to hit that PLAY BUTTON NOW!!!

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