This is an anthem for all the wicked, the underdogs, the offsprings. The Nasty returns with an upgraded sound, and a lot of love for those who are different. “I’m Bent” is the anthem that we needed. OUT NOW!!! (RD: 30/07/22)

Ok guys… you know what time it is. My dear UK friends of 9 O’Clock Nasty are back and they are no longer messing around… or are they? But first of all, welcome back! If you’re a Nasty fan like me, I know you’re pretty excited for today’s single but, trust me, they’ve got some BIG news coming that will make you scream of emotion…

If you’ve been following the Nasty since their first ever review on the blog, you’ve witnessed (and heard) their sonic and musical evolution. They’ve gone a long way since their garage sound, and have stepped it up quite a bit in their recent singles.

“I’m Bent” does not fall short in the list of Nasty bangers, as it is an anthem for the different. A celebration of life, love, sexuality, gender, race, and even age. Polishing their sound while still staying true to their roots, the Leicester trio is blending all they love and represent.

We had a lot of fun making this song. It probably shows. We’re passionate about kindness, respect and inclusion. We also like a hard, fast two-minute garage rock anthem that brings the chorus in before you’ve woken up to exactly what’s about to happen. We’re happy to have brought both together.” – 9 O’Clock Nasty

As they mention, the chorus do hits before we even realize what’s going on. It is a big, powerful sound, with the Nasty energy we’ve all grown to love. Wailing guitars, smacking drums, growling bass, and a lot of vocals! Brilliant.

But it is time for me to tell you about some Nasty BIG news, a collaboration between 9 O’Clock Nasty and I AM THE UNICORN HEAD is FINALLY going to happen! Jesus Christ I can’t wait! The collaborative track, titled ‘Existential Dread’, will be coming out in September!!

It is a killer. Well of course we would say that, but you know how good they are, and you know how good we are. So yes, it is that good. Our next release is called SLEEPY POLICEMAN and it will twist your world.” – 9 O’Clock Nasty

The Nasty are playing UK and European dates this summer. If you’d like to catch a show and want a couple of free tickets, drop them a line. If you can make it to Brighton in mid-August they need to talk to you, so that you can talk to them.       

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