Stuart Pearson – “Devil Whammy”

Get ready to swing your hips back and forth with this devilish brand new single. “Devil Whammy” mixes the Americana genre with the dark overtones of Post-Punk and Goth-Rock. Dark Americana!! LISTEN NOW!

Hello my friends! It’s your boy MadZen. It’s been a long day of work for me, and I know that probably for you too. But wether you’re just starting your day, or getting ready to hit the bed, I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy what we’ve got in store for you today!

Introducing Stuart Pearson, a very interesting musician from Los Angeles, USA, with a voice as low as hell itself. It’s pretty unique! His lyricism takes inspiration from eras like the 1860’s, and all the way to the 1960’s. America’s struggles, sin, and redemption are his everyday bread!

After releasing his two previous albums, “Mojave” and “Stories and Songs” (which he calls Dark Americana albums), Stuart is preparing to release a third one with the launching of this brand new single. There’s no mystery to “Devil Whammy”, it’s a dance song about being possessed by the devil!

I wrote it at 5 AM and wasn’t quite aware of my surroundings yet!” – Stuart Pearson

Pearson took his Velvet Underground influences and blend them with a pedal steel guitar, a dulcimer, and even a baritone saxophone! The result is a catchy, groovy, a bit scary, track that will have you dancing in no time. The shaky drums and the deep low bass deliver an irresistible foundation, supporting the hellish trance that Stuart’s instrumentation offers. Pretty neat!

Pearson’s next Dark Americana album will be released in November and, the rumor has it, there are some DARK tracks coming. His previous album, “Dark Americana 2: Mohave”, reflects the desert: dark folk, rustic, dangerous, in ruins and foreboding; breathing hallucinatory American mythology. We cannot wait to hear the new one!

A longer dance version of “Devil Whammy” will come out in a few months with the instructions on how to DO the Devil Whammy, but here’s a hint for you guys:

“Put your hands in the air

spin your head round and round

shake your hips back and forth

and try to not fall down”

“I’m hoping to get a TikTok viral dance challenge video out of it and to get the world to do the Devil Whammy!” – Stuart Pearson

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