Jennifer Alvarado’s marvelous new EP “Songbird: Part One”

Jennifer Alvarado makes a tremendous comeback in her brand new Country Pop / Rock EP. “Songbird: Part One” is the first of a two-part project which illustrates the journey of enduring and healing from a toxic situation. A marvelous representation of what a toxic love can be, and the desire of getting out and overcome it. LISTEN NOW!

What’s up my friends, It’s your boiii MadZen and today we’ll be reviewing this brand new EP by female rising star Jennifer Alvarado! First of all, I hope you’re all well, happy, and thriving in this new week. I hope you’ve been enjoying the new music so far. Now, onto the EP!

Guys, if you don’t know, Jennifer Alvarado is a Country Rock / Pop singer-songwriter with a numerous amount of achievements for her music. Her singles “Curious” and Rock This Way have been awarded the “Best Pop Song” and “Best Overall Song” titles for the Indie Songwriting Awards in Winter 2022. Needless to say, this girl’s got talent and she’s letting us know with the release of “Songbird: Part One”!

An EP all about healing, and the discovering of new sounds for Jennifer’s music. A mix between Pop, Rock, Indie, and Country that delivers mellow and sometimes nostalgic sounds. It is as refreshing as it is emotive, you will be able to tell the feelings Jennifer was going through by the time she wrote the lyrics, and musically it leaves nothing else to desire for. It is pretty good!

We begin with a track that some of you might already know: Rock This Way, and we continue with Alvarado’s hit song, “Curious”. Both tracks are a great introduction to Jennifer’s music, and the perfect appetisers for what’s to come. Smooth sounds with a loose groove that create the sensation of journey, joining Jennifer in her path to healing.

Track 3, “Something’s Up” picks up the pace with a steady rhythm and VERY catchy vocals. By the way, all of these tracks were produced by Ricky Rodriguez of Bombhouse Recordings in Morganton, NC. Track 4, “Filthy Water” is one of my favorites, with its mysterious attitude and laid-back beat, seasoned with electronic synths and soulful acoustic guitars. Track 5 is another one of my favorites, “Questions” is a super emotional track with a simple acoustic guitar that reminds me of “Fast Car” by Tracy Chapman!

Jennifer ends the EP with a soft note in “By This Time Next Year”, with a chilled, nostalgic vibe that says goodbye to a failed love, making peace with what happened and setting goals to recover and getting back up again. All in all, this EP is a very mature effort that rewards us with many great tracks and presents Jennifer’s best side yet, both musical and personal. So, listen now!

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