This track is a powerful boost of morale and conviction, filled with soaring vocal melodies, and exciting drum playing. “Safe On Your Way” is Dialogic’s debut release, and it is a pretty solid one. OUT NOW! (05/08/22)

Hellllllooo everybody, it’s your pal, your friend, your boy MadZen, and today we have a review for a very exciting new track coming up really soon! But first of all, welcome back! I wish you’re well, happy, and safe, thriving in this middle of the week. Now, onto the single!

Let me introduce you to UK artist Tom Sykes, AKA Dialogic, a musician who founds inspiration in the classics rock bands like U2, Simple Minds, and Duran Duran. Way to go! “Safe On Your Way” is his first single release EVER, and we’d like to congratulate him for it. Keep ’em coming!

Alright guys, this track has a certain amount of epic-ness to it. It was written by Dialogic with an epic neo-80’s pop-rock soundscape in mind. A song about leaving home, literally or metaphorically, to venture into the unknown, moving forward to chase your dreams, leaving the comfort zone behind. It is a shout out to focus on what really matters in life, and that no matter how hard things can get, spring always comes.

“When I was writing this song, I had in my mind the image of someone setting off from home, with just what they could carry on their back, leaving their loved one behind. A sadness in parting, but a necessity to follow a calling. Like a pilgrimage. There is uncertainty about the future. Of course – who knows what the future will hold? Will we see each other again? I hope so.”


Musically we have a very inspiring landscape, with hard hitting drums, and riffing guitars on the background. Dialogic’s vocals reach high to the sky with a very tight performance! Lyrics are inspiring, empathic, and with a lot of positive energy, which we can all use right now. I admit I felt identified with some parts of the track, I think what Dialogic tried to express in this track applies to all of us, specially us pursuing dreams of our own!

If this is Dialogic’s debut, I can’t wait to listen to whatever’s coming next. The song-writing is top-notch, the production and the mix, pristine. Without a doubt, Sykes has begin a new exciting journey in which we can all take part of. So hit that PLAY BUTTON NOW!. That’s it guys, see you on the next one!

I hope Safe On Your Way will have elements to connect with listeners widely – in rhythm, imaginative atmosphere, melody, and movement of the heart. If any aspect of the song resonates with you, then we’re in dialogue. Two human hearts resonating to the same frequency. Of dialogue, Dialogic

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