This is a super dope “TripField” track. A mixture between Trip-Hop and Left-field. Inspired by the noble relationship of the earth, wind, and water elements, “Boathouse” by Flatfoot Sam delivers smooth and psychedelic textures with a hypnotic old-school beat. LISTEN NOW!


Hello everybody! Welcome back. It’s your boy MadZen and today we have a super cool electronic track perfectly fitted for all you ravers out there. I’m not gonna lie guys, this track is very, very good. It kinda transports you to a different place, a different time. What a wonderful single by this UK producer!

It is about the relationship between earth, wind, and water, and all of the deep resonance that we as humans can feel when humbled by their enormity, often putting perspective into our own place in the world, when our daft egos can convince us otherwise.” – Flatfoot Sam

Before moving forward, I hope you’re all safe, working hard, and getting ready to enjoy the weekend. It’s been a good week, let’s close it up with style. Now, onto the track!

Flatfoot Sam has been around making and releasing music since the late 90’s, no wonder this new TripField project created in 2020 sounds so good. You can tell the amounts of knowledge and experience this guy has. Teach me Sensei! Often referred to as “Flatty”, this Southampton-based artist has a unique artistic expression that embodies both the old and modern beatmaking school.

“Boathouse” is a song about an old lifeboat station in deep Cornwall, in a cove well off the beaten track. “It is a spiritual and special place“, Flatty says. It is also where the track was written in Easter 2022. Making use of some analog gear, Flatfoot created a deep, atmospheric tune with a vibe as mysterious as it is infectious.

It all started with a chord progression in Fminor, from which Flatty later built the bassline, breakbeats, and percussion around. It is not a predictable tune, au contraire. I mean, it does feel familiar to the ear, but Flatty throws some stylistic melodies in there that just threw me off in a good way.

“The style is called “TripField” which is somewhere between Trip Hop and Leftfield, with elements of old school but with a contemporary feel” Flatfoot Sam

You will be surprised by two different vocal melodies, which at least I wasn’t expecting. The song evolves slowly and steadily until it almost turns into something else. Pretty clean and masterful use of samples and hardware by Flatty! I don’t wanna spoil anything else so you better go ahead and listen for yourself. I promise, you won’t regret it!

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