Northern Sky – “Summer Feeling”

Feel-good vibes for the Summer… Enough said! This track warms you up with a home-made Funk spirit, delivering a dancing groove, and a positive attitude. LISTEN NOW!

Alright guys, the week is almost over, working never ends but it is good to give ourselves a break from time to time. I’m talking to you! So, if you’re anything like me and like to work your ass off, this song is for you. First of all, welcome back, I hope you’re safe, happy, and staying positive in this exciting Friday. We’ve delivered some pretty good bangers this week, so now it’s time to wrap it up with some 60’s groove!

Let me introduce to you Northern Sky, a group of musicians who met at school and became a band. Music, as they say, was their key connection. Influenced by a lot of good musicians like Miles Davis, Nick Drake, 60s Motown, The Replacements, and Prefab Sprout, this Detroit-based 4-piece love the 60’s and like to make 60’s feeling music!

There’s not much mystery to the meaning behind “Summer Feeling”, I know you’ve figured it out by now. But it’s the musicianship and retro vibe what gives this song its soulful value. A tight, funky groove is delivered by the drums and bass, clean and echoing guitars vibrate with simple and effective chord progressions.

Northern Sky really wanted to capture that 60’s essence into this track, and I think they did a pretty good job! It feels so smooth, loose, and ready to make you footloose! Exciting saxophone melodies and positive lyrics explode with a burst of passion, while harmonized vocal melodies add that retro touch!

There’s no doubt this song has a “summer feeling”, and it is the perfect track to start your day, so go ahead and give it a listen, we know you’ll like it. That’s it from me guys, it is as always my pleasure to write for you, I hope you liked this week’s articles and get ready for the next ones. Stay safe, and have a great weekend!

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