This track is a super-duper groovy / funkadelic experience mixed with the nostalgic vibes of the 80’s. “Swimming The Surplus (Drifting)” conveys the psychedelic aspect of ‘losing hours and hours’ of time to a surplus activity. Procrastination never felt so good. LISTEN NOW!

Welcome, welcome everyone! Gather round, and get ready to feel the heat of this brand new beat! It’s your boii MadZen and today we have a fabulous 80’s type beat. But first of all, I hope you’re all well, doing what you love, and spreading a good message out there. Now, onto the music!

Panthalassa is an indie producer/musician from Liverpool, UK, creating and DJ’ing music ranging from Nu-Disco, Trip-hop to indie dance. He began this project in 2020 after listening to Kaytranada’s 99.9% album, he immediately knew he had to make music like that. Since then, he’s been obsessively creating beats and mixing them in chilled-house style DJ sets.

This track is all about procrastination, that moment in time where you lose yourself to the deep pull of the internet, searching for hours and hours achieving nothing. Well, we’ve all been there, but Panthalassa made of this meaningless endeavour a vibrant and silky smooth electronic beat filled with lots of Funk and psychedelia!

“The track initially began when I contracted Covid in August 2021 (surprise, surprise), so I was stuck in isolation. Then subsequently finished when I came back from Boardmasters Festival and was inspired after watching Basement Jaxx.” – Panthalassa

The production is top-notch and the mix is very warm. You will be carried away by a brilliant, groovy bass and a deep drumbeat. Ethereal synths and echoing vocals add that special glimmer to the track, making it very easy to be hooked right in.

Everything feels so soft, so smooth, so groovy. The wonderful dance between drum and bass is hypnotic, and the atmospheric textures delight with their subtle presence. It is definitely a beat that throws the listener into a comfortably numb state of mind, a feel-good dance of time wasted…

This track is about procrastinating at work or home, when you can end up surfing the internet for hours without even noticing. This track tries to capture the psychedelic aspect of ‘losing hours and hours’ of time to a surplus activity, hence the title, and the trippy guitar riff that comes in. The style of the track acts as a juxtaposition to the mood of the lyrics.” – Panthalassa

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