A tribute to of the greatest bands ever, The Who! “Pete and Roger” is dedicated to the iconic Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey. A song that retells the tale of their start and their tumultuous but long-standing friendship. LISTEN NOW!

Meg and Strontium from The Margaret Hooligans have returned once again with a brand new single! A homage to the outstanding abilities of the Hooligan’s favorite band. With explosive drumming and quirky production, this single takes us back to an era where Rock and Roll was inevitable and chaotic.

“Pete and Roger” is The Margaret Hooligan’s fifth single from their upcoming album, Turntable Tribulations, due out in October. So far, the USA band has garnered lots of positive reviews for their previous singles, and I’m guessing this time won’t be the exception.

Alright guys, this track is pretty interesting. It has a garage-rock sound, and a brutal drum performance. It is interesting in so many ways. I mean, instead of electric guitar it has electric… ukulele! It also includes supporting vocals from a very special collaborator… Meg and Strontium’s daughter! Isn’t that lovely?

Carefully selecting the parts which made The Who’s songs great, the American couple used rhythmic ukulele riffs, melodic leads, and layered vocal harmonies to try and mimic that vintage sound. Meg’s vocals soar just like in “Baba O’Reilly” and “Who Are You?”. Also, her drum playing is amazing and part of it is thanks to Strontium, who directed Meg to Pete Townshend’s unique rhythmic playing as a way to develop into a better musician.

Basically, when I met Strontium, we were just friends but I liked him instantly. I was with another fella at the time, but I wanted to impress Strontium and I found out he liked The Who. So I bought a compilation CD of theirs to listen to and then eventually started seeking out full albums. When I was no longer with the other guy, I sent Strontium love notes with obscure Who lyrics to woo him.

– Meg

The Who rapidly become a band they both really like, and of course something that really united them. All hail the power of music.

So you can expect a lot of noisy rock that pulls no punches. As the band puts it, there are no half measures in what they do. They are ready to release their upcoming album, which is said to be fantastic, specially the last three tracks, so you better stay tuned!

There’s Bippity Boppity Boo which is kinda of a spoken word/rap over discordant rock piece, Psycho Diapers, an 11 minute mini rock opera about a despotic man child, and I’ve Got Something to Say, which might be one of my favorite songs that when we wrote it I thought was going nowhere. It’s a groovy rock banger where I lament that I have something to say but no one wants to listen.

– Meg

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