This Stoner-Rock infused track will make you wanna storm out the door and steal a motorcycle, even if you don’t know how to ride. “Let Me Out” is a pretty cool anthemic experience that brings back memories of a birthplace long outgrown. OUT NOW!

Welcome back my friends, it’s your boy MadZen and today we’ll be reviewing a brand new upcoming track by one of my favorite Post-Punk / Alternative / Stoner-Rock bands of today! Birdman Cult! After gaining momentum from their previous releases which include their single Ferryman, the Bristol quintet is getting ready to launch more music!

“Let Me Out” was born out of frontman Joe paying a visit to his hometown in the North East of England. He immediately felt like an outsider in the very place that saw him grow. Can you imagine? Joe says that it reminded him of an old version of himself, realizing the impact a place can have on a person. This very feeling and realization pushed Joe into writing a track that showed appreciation for such town.

“Much like a friend that I’ve outgrown but remains to be on my mind constantly”. – Joe

The track starts slowly, sounding almost like a revving motorcycle, getting ready to begin a long trip. Like a machine that hasn’t been used in a long time and it’s finally being ignited. Growling bass, distorted guitars, and laid-back drums lay the foundations for Joe’s vocals, with lyrics that express both nostalgia and remembrance.

With a thankful spirit, Joe sings towards the town that raised him, and the track bursts in power with an explosion of heavy music beating its way forward, just like an engine ready to roll. The track grows, and grows, and grows, with Joe pressing his lungs to let out a magnificent scream: “Let me out!”… And the song fades, leaving us with a bang.

The band have been gaining momentum in 2022 and are planning on an EP in the winter. Bad Apple Pr and FFB are on board for promotion and Donut Records have attached themself to this release, big things surely await.

So go ahead and hit that PLAY BUTTON NOW!

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