This track is a super hypnotic Pop-meets-Metal song filled with circus-like melodies and Art-Rock energies. “Masquerade” is an explosive desire for authenticity from others. LISTEN NOW!

Hello guys, y’all probably know who it is but here I am! Your boy MadZen back again with more new and exciting tracks for you. Today we have a pretty crazy tune with lots and lots of instrumentation! Give a warm welcome to this Indie Art Rock artist, Anastasia Elliot! Oh, and by the way, welcome back!

Ok guys, for me, this Nashville-based artist is what would happen if Lady Gaga went metal. She has a unique artsy way of composing using a wide variety of elements in her compositions. It might get weird, it might get heavy, it might get explosive; all the good traits that make my heart tick. So let’s get to it!

“Masquerade” is a track that screams for honesty. Anastasia was tired of fake people, and even showing an unrealistic side of herself to people. This single is her call for the death of the inauthentic self and a challenge for others to show what they have been hiding.

You can expect a wide galore of melodies, including heavy guitar riffs, wicked piano movements, creepy background synths, bursts of raging bass, and, my favorite, sudden EDM rhythms. This song has it all! It is bouncy, its a bit creepy, its is thrilling and Anastasia’s vocals just give me goosebumps!

Whether in relationships, friendships or in our current social media, celebrity and influencer culture. We are always navigating the “masquerade” of the world and trying to figure out what is real and what is fake. This song is an anthemic call for realness and owning our true selves. Nothing is “too much” when it comes to being who you truly are.” – Anastasia Elliot

Anastasia is known as the “purple haired rock goddess”, and it is such an apt name ’cause the world she has created is worthy for the gods, or may I say, the Art Rock gods. The track comes with a brilliant composition and a huge wall of sound. Sounds that go back and forth with such an aggressive rhythm that is just impossible to get bored!

When asked by famed artist Cacho Falcon (who collaborated with Anastasia in the creation of the art work) what her metaphorical “mask” was she said:

“I feel like I always have to show excitement and positivity publicly around releasing my art when in reality, keeping up with social media and the immense weight and pressure of being an independent artist can be so stressful and overwhelming. Even though I can feel terrified, I never let that stop me from showing myself as best I can.”

The track will also come with a music video written and produced by Anastasia, inspired by our bodies being the “mask” to our inner feelings and emotions. The entire video is overlaid with vintage graphics of body parts that symbolize what is going on inside as she performs and her lover watches her. She was inspired by the tragic story of Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen and for the video she chose to reverse those roles.

Anastasia’s upcoming full length visual album “La Petite Mort” is soon to be released, and this track, along with her previous releases Cigarettes & Gasoline, Crash Landing, and London, give us but a tase of what this artist has been crafting. So, if you dig it, stay tuned! See you on the next one!

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