Prepare yourself for an exciting piano ballad that will melt your senses. “Blueberry Clouds” is as powerful as it is beautiful, and a song that deserves a place in your playlists. LISTEN NOW!

Hello guys! I’m actually very excited for this track for it is an amazing debut by this French artist! First of all, welcome back! It’s your boy MadZen and I hope you’re having a nice day, evening, or night. Today we will go down memory lane with Petit Mond.’s debut single!

“My songs are like my diary, I tell my story through them. I’m planning on releasing my songs in the order in which I lived them so people will ‘hear’ me fall in love, go through the break ups, talk about deep subjects, problems I had to overcome.”
Petit Mond.

Ok, so, Petit Mond. is a french singer/songwriter currently based in New York, she began her musical journey from a young age and today she makes music inspired by the French ballad stylings of classic artists such as Edith Piaf while also adding a modern take similar to artists like Birdy and Lana Del Rey. The result, at least for this track, is outstanding!

“Blueberry Clouds” proves that you don’t need much to make an amazing song. Well, apart from an incredible voice and lots of talent… but you get my point! This young artist has indeed an extremely unique voice which I can only define as beautiful and breath-taking.

Coinciding with her high school graduation on July 1st, this track is about the fond memories Petit Mond. has with her friends, showing their transition from teenage life to now-adult life. The song is in deed nostalgic and, well, honestly a bit sad, but the beauty of the piano and vocals working together, further supported by a wide string section, makes of this single an astonishing musical experience.

I wrote this song for my graduation in high school. I suddenly realized that our chill hangouts with our group of friends weren’t gonna be a weekly thing anymore, we were about to move around the world for our studies, we were growing up. So this song is about all the good memories we made, remembering our youth and moving on to our adult life. The first chorus says “we are young” and the second one says “we were young” because during the song we grew up.” – Petit Mond.

If this is her debut I cannot wait to hear what’s coming, and of course to write about it for you guys. This is one of those tracks that make me love what I do and I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did. That’s it from me guys, see you in the next one! Oh, and congratulation Petite Mond.! Trés bien!

“I think anyone can relate to my songs, they talk about things many people go through, they talk about life and emotions.” Petit Mond.

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