Fletcher, James – ” All We’re Meant To Do” Album

This album is a brilliant collection of beats and sounds you’ve never heard before. Covering from R&B, to Hip-Hop, to Pop, and even EDM, “All We’re Meant To Do” embodies an uncommon work of art that deserves to be heard. OUT NOW!

Very few times do we come across with albums as inspiring and explorative as this. Hey guys, it’s your boy MadZen and today we have a very unique release for all of you. First of all, welcome back, I hope you’re safe, feeling good, and enjoying your day. Now, onto the music!

Fletcher, James is a Bristol based singer, songwriter, and producer. He is known for shying away from the path more travelled, employing heartfelt and deeply melodic vocals laced with the wordplay of hip hop. His songs are unorthodox and his range of influences span from Blues, to bedroom pop, and even Progressive Rock.

In his new album, Fletcher opened up about many things surrounding his life. The music is very personal and with a “home-made” sound that gives the album a strong sense of intimacy and warmth. Trust me when I say, this songs are probably nothing like you’ve heard before and it is thanks to Fletcher’s wide plethora of influences.

He began writing the album back in 2020. The first track he wrote is actually the last one on the list, “Ten Years”. It reflects on the fact that ten years had gone by since Fletcher’s mom passed away. “It’s something I was never actually able to write about before but the combination of having loads of time to reflect in lockdown, and the impact of it being a whole ten years almost forced the words out of me after all that time.“, Fletcher explains.

From then on, the Bristol-based artist continued writing as a way to get things out of his head. From writing about the BLM marches in his hometown of Bristol (Tired) to just appreciating the fact that he’s got a great group of close friends and doesn’t need to feel alone (Some Kind Of Way), Fletcher wrote a whole 10-track album that frankly is one of the most interesting / original pieces of work I’ve heard in a while.

Most of the tracks are short, and the album is very easy to listen to as a whole. Once you begin you cannot stop, at least that was how it was for me, and I actually enjoyed every second. Everything just flows like a cool breeze, like water down the river. The opening track “Tide” is just beautiful, with a “demo” like piano and voice recording that turns into an outstanding production of synths and violins.

“The album has ended up as a snapshot of different moments in my life over the past 2 years. I record, produce and mix all of my own music so the album has been a big learning process and I’ve been obsessive about making it as close to my vision as I possibly can.” – Fletcher, James

You will hear everything from chilled, lo-fi beats, to banging kicks and deep 808’s, all the way to exciting EDM rhythms. Lots of harmonic, dubbed vocals. Wonderful lush pads. Soul-inspired pianos. Leftfield-style production. What Fletcher has achieved with “All We’re Meant To Do” is an experience of its own and, for real guys, it is absolutely fantastic from start to finish. So LISTEN NOW!

The album also includes the collaboration of Fletcher’s friend NTHN, who provided spoken-word vocals on “Restless”.

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