SKiPPER! “Vintage”

“Imagine two lovers running through an open field with the sun beaming down on their faces. They can hear birds chirping. They feel the crisp air and the grass between their toes. They are at peace and more importantly they are in love with a soul they’ve known before in another lifetime.” ​​SKiPPER!


“Hi everyone, my name is Javier Carrillo. I am an indie rock artist from Ireland and this is my new song ‘No Sorrow'”. It is a dreamy, chill song that talks about the search of meaning in what might often seem like boring lives with unbreakable routines. You know that moment when, after a long day at work you go back home on the bus, close your eyes, and, for a minute, you’re free? That’s what this song is about.” – Javier Carrillo

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