Kat Kikta “Under the Moonlight”

"Under the Moonlight" is as magical as it is romantic. Her vocals sound pure, gentle and evocative as if it belongs to a forest fairy, softly unravelling the emotions and speaking the deepest wishes. Sounds of nighttime creatures roaming about adding an extra touch of mystery, the song is full of airy echoing layered soundscapes with a timeless feel.

Joseph E-Shine “We Must Bring A Change”

After a year of witnessing the pain that infests our world, Joseph E-Shine and his long list of collaborators are ready to speak up and call to action with the single ‘We Must Bring A Change’. Last Friday, one of Israel's most known and admired behind-the-scenes music figures stepped onto the scene once again. Yossi... Continue Reading →

Jorge Ostos “Dream”

"Initially the idea was to have my wife sing the song, but for various reasons this didn't work out, which led me to contact Tim Condor, a very versatile singer from the North West of England, who has also been involved in various projects internationally. The result I think is a well crafted production with musically interesting arrangements. The single was produced, mixed and mastered by myself at Philipino Rec in San Juan, Argentina, as well as playing all the instruments myself."

Ellie Madeland “Out of Nowhere”

"Gentle William and I met online right at the beginning of the London Covid-19 lockdown. He sent me this dreamy, ambient, electronic instrumental track that I absolutely fell in love with. I wrote the lyrics and vocal melody in one sitting. I felt so inspired by the music, it felt personal, and so I was able to write a story that I felt really connected to." Ellie Madeland

EMBLM – “Something To Believe In”

"It seemed as if it would never end. As many will know, lockdown has been particularly tough on freelance creative types, particularly musicians. Our entire way of life was decimated, and many friends were forced to leave their lifelong pursuit of music. Something To Believe In covers many of the feelings felt during lockdown: anxiety, desperation, but ultimately, hope." - EMBLM

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