Higgs Field – “Leader In The Eye”

A pristine sound and a phenomenal composition. This track is a super cool Rock and Roll exclamation about the survival of culture. With energy that’ll make your ears melt, “Leader In The Eye” is all about heavy riffs, leadership, and survival. OUT NOW!

Hello my friends! It’s a me, MadZen! Once again saying hi and hoping you’re all well. Today we’ll be reviewing a very exciting new track delivered to us by Higgs Field, an Alternative / Hard Rock band, all the way from Australia!

After releasing their debut EP “Paracusia” back in 2021, Higgs Field have been working on new amazing music which they describe as a very personal and aggressive commentary on control. “Leader In The Eye” is the first single release of an upcoming string of releases, all of them leading up to their first full-album, due in 2023!

This track is in deed aggressive, explosive, with vocals and energy that remind me of Stone Temple Pilots, with a modern and heavier twist! The track is super gritty, with violent riffs, smashing drums, deep low bass, and outstanding singing. It is a song about being seen as a leader for fighting against tyranny and keeping your culture alive!

“This song is heavy and atmospheric. A reflection of our history and a thank you, to the people who fought to keep the knowledge alive.” – Higgs Field

There’s an actual story being told inside the track, the story of a tribe who travels out into the desert, following their usual path, finding out that their food and water sources had been destroyed. As they look around, they find footprints from an animal they’ve never seen before. They continue and at each destination, find the same thing.

All in all, it’s a super dope track, very dynamic, and with unexpected twists along the way. It’s a great song to groove and sing along to, with a unique classic vibe augmented by the super sonic qualities of modern day.

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