Desert Ships – “Watching The World Stop”

This single keeps us in a momentary, captivating moment where grief, pain, and anger are no more. Just like the passing of a train, “Watching The World Stop” hypnotizes us as it rushes its way. A Sci-fi Blues reflection on isolation, anxiety and the desire to escape from the current mad times. LISTEN NOW!

Well, hello guys! It’s your boy MadZen once again and today we have a very unique song for you. It is finally Friday and we hope that this track will get you in the right mood to just relax and let go. With a vibrant, psychedelic approach to Rock N’ Roll, this track is an absolute beauty. Next stop, Desert Ships!

You probably already know about Desert Ships, as this is their third single release covered in this blog. If you don’t, they’re a three-man band from London, UK who specialize in the creation of what they call Sci-Fi Blues. Isn’t that dope?

Following their previous singles Neon and Fire On The Moon, the British trio now returns with a track that has been compared to the speed-along of a NYC subway express train. To me this is spot on, the never-ending drum beat carries on with such a steady pace that seems to simulate the train’s speeding wheels passing over the tracks. It is pretty crazy!

Watching The World Stop” is as hypnotic as it is bitter-sweet, as it tells the tale of one man’s desire to escape through his roof from the mad times that surround us. Needless to say, we’ve all been that man, or woman, and in fact an immediate escape would be very refreshing from time to time.

The track comes with beautifully overlaid harmonized vocals, a never-ending drum beat (as I mentioned above) and psychedelic melodies in the background. Flanger-dipped guitar licks and anxious strumming contrast with each other to create a trance-like atmosphere.

Preceding the band’s forthcoming album ‘Heavy Soup’, “Watching The World Stop” tells a relatable situation wrapped over a fusion of garage rock and dream pop. Desert Ships has already gathered notable fans including Alan McGee, Andy Bell (Ride, Oasis), Andrew Weatherall (RIP), and Cerys Matthews, so it would be safe to assume that the Londoner’s have a bright road ahead.

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