RON A.P. – “Real Love Pt. II”

This hip-hop track is a celebration of finding real love and sticking to it. A vintage-style beat and vulnerable lyrics make of “Real Love Pt. II” an outstanding song that falls apart from all the “macho rapper” stereotype. LISTEN NOW!

Hello guys! Welcome back to your favorite independent music blog! It’s your homie MadZen and today we have a pretty cool beat that defies all that “get money, fuck b*tches” attitude of both classic and modern hip-hop. First of all, I hope you’re all well, happy, and ready to enjoy your weekend. Now, onto the beat!

My man here, Ron A.P., is an Atlantic City-born, now Baltimore based hip-hop artist. Making music since 2002, Ron has been honing his lyrical skills across the years. He took a break from music after graduating from college to join the military. Later, in 2017 he enrolled at Seattle Film Institute to become a filmmaker. To his surprise, the Institute had a music studio, so he decided to focus on music, and has been building up his music career ever since.

Having already released a full-length album and an EP, Ron A.P. is now getting ready to share a new EP, and this track is it’s predecessor. Ron is known for his heartbreak hip hop, as he loves to share the depths of his romantic experiences with his fans, but this time the Atlantic City rapper takes us on a drive down memory lane, inspiring us to remember when we felt blindly in love.

“Real Love Pt. II” could be called a Hip-Hop ballad. Lyrics are open, romantic, and vulnerable (not what you’d expect from a modern rap artist). He shows pride for the love he gives and receives, capturing what it feels to be in “summer love”. In deed, much a better message than popping a pill or taking Xanax, hehe!

I find Ron A.P.’s vision in this single very positive, and a much needed refresh for the genre and its listeners. The beat is of course pretty good, using old-school samples and a groovy boom bap rhythm. His lyrics are really smart and very funny, adding an extra layer of depth to the track.

All in all, the track is a great sample of what Ron has been cooking, very digestible and still holding to its hip-hop essence. He invites us to stay optimistic for “real love”, as he delivers witty verses and shows utter and complete vulnerability. So, LISTEN NOW!

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