Indoor Friends – “Finally Enough”

“Am I finally enough for you?”. This track asks this question with an aggressive attitude, empowered by a Punk Rock spirit. “Finally Enough” gives zero fucks, and yes, it is good enough! LISTEN NOW!

Welcome back my dearest readers. It’s your boy MadZen and today we have a super cool, super dope track with lots and lots of attitude and a true banger. Join me as we enjoy the ravaging speed and magnetic pull of Indoor Friends’s new song!

If you are a fan of artists such as Paramore, Dead Rituals, New Found Glory and The Offspring, this one is definitely going to be right up your alley.

Indoor Friends is a recently formed band all the way from Boston, USA. Coming together through every conceivable social fabric (longtime friends, coworkers, dating apps), this 5-piece has its musical roots on riotous Punk, foot-stomping power pop, and even tender ballads. Today, we’ll leave the tender ballads aside.

“Finally Enough” to me is like a letter wrote to someone you once admired, but he/she just didn’t care or show interest. This of course can make anybody mad, even angry. In this case, Indoor Friends channeled all that frustration and anger and turned it into a “fuck you, luck at me now” song. Guess what, it fucking rocks.

Amazing composition, masterful harmonies, ravaging drum pace, long high-gain guitar chords, angry crunchy bass, and of course, outstanding vocal performance make of this track a tremendous explosion of sweat, grind, and grit. A track that dominates with a powerful and increasing force.

It is a very personal track, but maybe we can all find something to relate to in it. Either way, the melodies are awe-inspiring, and the amount of emotions they evoke, well, find out for yourself! LISTEN NOW!

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