A.B. Violet “Cold, Cold Heart”

Warm feelings get swiftly replaced with emptiness and lots of questions, when someone once a lovely gentle person has now suddenly turned cold towards you. Whether it’s a friend or a lover, it’s a painful scene and all that was once bubbling with excitement and happiness is now home to a cold, cold heart. And you don’t know why this happened.

There is one thing I know for sure – it’s the fact “Cold, Cold Heart” is the title of A.B. Violet’s newest single, released just recently on August 19th. Gloomy and distant by nature, just like the person turned cold, the single introduces echoing atmospheres, populated by melancholic synthlines, running percussion and sorrowful vocals. Sounding like a massive dome of heavy emotions, there is no escape other than letting it all flow through you, living out out to the cathartic speedy rhythm and reverberant voices.

The British artist is not a new name in this blog – in fact she has already amazed me and fellow writers with her diverse music, such as her EP “Equinox” and a single with a highly relevant title and message, called “Check Your Feelings“. Inspired by all things house and drawn in by the endless possibilities in making music, A.B. Violet finds a sound for every thought she has, creating music that can both speak volumes and inspire listeners, as well as offer a great listening experience.

“Cold, Cold Heart” is out now!

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