A.B. Violet “Check Your Feelings”

Life gets really busy sometimes. Whether it be studying, a heavy workload or an array of personal events, sometimes there seems to be no time left for yourself. So, if you’ve even sat on the edge of your bed and felt just so exhausted of everything, it’s probably time to Check Your Feelings.

That’s also the title of a new single by A.B. Violet. The UK-based singer-songwriter and producer has become quite prolific, releasing multiple singles and even an EP called “EQUINOX” since 2021. Many of these releases, namely the EP as well as singles “Only Need Me“, “Merry Go Round“, “These Other Things“, “Ice” and “So Lonely” have found their way into this blog, amazing fellow writers with her smooth vocals and musical skills. It’s a lovely quantity of diverse music already, and A.B. Violet does not show any signs of stopping.

“There is certainly lots more music in the works. I’m always writing, but just learning, growing and experimenting at the moment, particularly on the production side of things.”

A.B. Violet

The new single, “Check Your Feelings” takes the form of a warm soft blanket that soothes and takes the listener’s mind away from anything that might’ve been troubling them. Featuring shimmering synths and a laidback beat in an echoing fuzzy atmosphere, the artist’s gentle vocals take a calming presence while the synth melodies cascade and collide, creating vibrant harmonies. There’s also a surprisingly dense low-end that thickens the already cozy atmosphere even more, injecting an extra dose of warmth.

Giving no space for any sort of negativity, the song acts as a reminder to take some time off from all the hustling. Reconnect with yourself and listen to what you actually feel like, because as much as the things keeping you busy are important, so is your mental wellbeing.

“Check Your Feelings was written as a way to check in with myself when I was feeling overwhelmed with everyday life. Literally to remind to myself to stop and take a breath, before things got too much. I know we can all feel this way sometimes. For me, as for many others, it’s an important part of mental health management and we sometimes need reminding to take a step back from the rush of everyday life and check in with ourselves- and others!”

A.B. Violet

“Check Your Feelings” is out now!

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