Beat The Drum – “It’s All Gonna Go”

This track is a wonderful representation of how too much ambition can take you down. “It’s All Gonna Go” is a low-tempo Alt-Rock track with a laid-back beat and an exquisite bass line. LISTEN NOW!

Hello guys! Welcome back once again to this humble blog. It’s your boy MadZen and today we have a very, very cool track brought to us by this fantastic British duo. We will get you ready for the weekend so you better hang tight! First of all, I hope you’re well and feeling great! Now, onto the track!

Beat The Drum is a London-based duo created by Chris Calloway and Steve Murrell back in the 80’s. What used to be a five-piece band has now become a cult band inspired by the disparate elements of groups like Nine Inch Nails, Uncle, Little Dragon, PJ Harvey, St. Vincent, Jo Armon Jones, and even David Bowie and Gorillaz.

Their new single is the tale of someone who has it all but still wants more. It’s a tragic story of a rise and fall. Chris and Steve have seen people they know ruin their apparently successful lives because of always wanting more. More money, more sex, more kicks. When they couldn’t find what they want, it all started to fall apart.

The song is a slow burning match driven by a rock steady drum beat, and a lush, enticing bass line. The influences of Uncle and PJ Harvey are very present, and the vocal melodies inspire by their simplicity, making them catchy and immediately memorized. Acoustic and electric guitars add the sparkle to the mix.

It also comes with an excellent music video. Beat The Drum are not only interested in music, but they also enjoy the visual aspects of being musicians and artists. They have full artistic control over all that they do and hence their mission statement ‘WE MAKE THE RULES’. The video, which includes scenes from famous movies and television shows like Mad Men and Wolf of Wall Street, portrays the exact moments where the characters see their whole world crashing down because of their toxic ambition.

Without a doubt this is a great track that leaves us wanting for more. Beat The Drum do an excellent job at bringing together solid beats and rhythms, strong melodies and vocal harmonies that create a sense of pleasing perfection with just the right amount of dirtiness and noise.

“We enjoy this journey of discovering what we can make and hope other like minded people will join us.” – Beat The Drum

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