Nick Kizirnis – “Way To Me”

This track is a lullaby-like song about a kind of love that can’t be broken. No matter the distance or the time, “Way To Me” sings to a love that will forever be, and that will always find its way back. OUT NOW! You can also ORDER RIGHT HERE.

Hello, hello everybody it’s your boy MadZen once again! It’s been a great week full of great new tracks. I hope you’ve been enjoying them and the articles as well! Today we have another great track for you brought to us by these amazing USA musicians!

Nick Kizirnis is an Ohio-based songwriter who united forces with singer Kate Wakefield (Lung), and drummer Mark Patterson (Son Volt) to bring Kizirnis’ music to life. Nick has a moody Indie Rock style, melding Roy Orbison with Twin Peaks; Kate has a beautifully lush voice, reminiscent of a brighter Portishead; and Mark’s drums veer from Americana to lo-fi beats.

“Way To Me” is actually a re-imagined version of the original track, which appears on Nick’s latest album “The Distance”. It replaces Nick’s songwriting style with modular synth textures and electronic drums. It is truly a romantic single, with a calming aura that transmits both security and longing.

To be honest guys, the track is a little bittersweet, at least for me. But I don’t mean that in a bad way. It is funny how a romantic track can bring back memories, and even pull out of you certain emotions. This single, which by the way reminds me of “Lullaby” by The Cure, has a very unique force embedded in it.

It is hard for me to describe it, ’cause the feelings it evokes are really, really subtle. Kate’s vocals are just great, they are warm, tender, and caring. Softly sung, with beautiful lyrics. This is the kind of tracks that you just have to listen for yourself to make your own judgement. Either way, Nick is really proud of this track and I can tell why! It is a song that holds on to hope, trust, love and friendship that can endure any separation.

While I’ve been playing music for many years, it was only recently that I really focused on writing songs that would really mean something to me and hopefully be ones that listeners could relate to. Although I write a lot of songs about heartbreaks and broken relationships, I actually try to see the ultimate positive outcomes in those experiences – what can we learn and how can we grow? I’ve had many people come up to me and tell me their own interpretation of my songs based on their experiences, and that has been a real honor and privilege. I hope you’ll hear something that resonates with you as well, and even if it’s something sad or painful that something good had come out of it.” – Kizirnis

“Way to Me” out now on Spotify and all streaming platforms, followed by a lt. ed. lathe cut 7″ single (2/9/22), new music video directed by Kyleen Downes (6/9/22) and US Midwest shows (starting 16/9/22).

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