This is a super dope track about a very serious teenage problem: Being stalked by your ex-boyfriend’s girlfriend on social media. We’ve all been there (one side or the other). “Get a life” is the new single from this new Punk teenage promise. OUT NOW!

Welcome back guys, it’s your favorite writer, MadZen! I hope you’re all well, feeling good and getting ready for the weekend. Today we have a song that just makes you wanna kick some ass! A feisty punk musical experience from a recently formed teenage band all the way from San Diego, CA.

Doll Riot was created in 2020 by a group of high-schoolers with a love for Punk. They got together to create an all-girl garage band and initially began covering various songs by idolized/influential rock & punk artists. Not satisfied with this, the American musicians decided to write their own music. This led to the successful release of their self-titled EP in May 2022, which got a place in our 9 Albums/EPs Week 28 2022 article.

Now, just a few months later, the girls are back with another track that will catapult your senses to another world. A Punk world. A place of chaos and black eye-liner. A tumultuous reality-escape in the shape of heavy, gritty, cool as fuck music. You better put your seatbelt on.

Expect their music to be relatable, as it comes from real life experiences in dealing with unwanted situations. Also expect some of their songs to be about the obstacles women face in the world for simply being female

The story behind “Get a Life” is simple. The girlfriend of and ex-boyfriend began stalking one of the girls in social media. Absolutely mental, unhealthy, and in deed very childish behavior. Doll Riot weren’t fucking with that, so they wrote a track to kindly tell the little shit to fuck off, smoke some grass, and don’t be an ass!

Sometimes when we think of Punk we imagine mushy sounding, low-budget recordings. Nothing wrong with that, but this girls take their sound seriously. This is no amateur sounding single, it really bangs. And they achieved so with the help of engineer Patrick Trolan, owner of The Tracks Studio, where the song was recorded.

Guys, believe me when I say, this track is both infectious and catchy; it is groovy and distorted; it has amazing drum playing and super exciting vocal lines. So just go ahead and LISTEN NOW. That’s it from me guys, see you on the next one!

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