Clyde Syde – “Love Hate”

This track explores the bipolar acts we commit whenever we’re stuck in a love-hate relationship. With a Lil-Peep / Malone vibe, “Love Hate” presents the harsh truths of living in a toxic love affair, where one minute you love each other madly, and the other you hate each other’s guts. LISTEN NOW!

Hello everybody! How y’all doing? It’s your boy MadZen and I’m very glad to be here with you once again. I hope you’re ready to start the week and I’m here to help make your days better with some brand new, exciting tunes! Today is the turn of Mr. Clyde Syde, a Leicester-based artist who after years of being away from the music scene has now decided to give it another go with the releasing of his new song!

Clyde usually plays, writes, and creates everything himself. He finds inspiration in the edgy lyrics and angsty tunes of Blink 182, Juice WRLD, Post Malone, Lil Peep, and Nirvana. He has also seen many people, including close family and friends, doing the crazies things when in love hate relationships, so he decided to make a track that spoke about just that.

All my life I have watched close family and friends in and out of toxic love hate relationships, one minute they’re madly in love doing crazy weird things for each other and the next minute they hate each others guts. I was really inspired to try to write a song that had all the elements of those feelings and situations.” – Clyde Syde

For this single, Clyde got together with producer Miracle, who produced the beat. You will hear nostalgic melodies delivered by a sorrowful lead guitar, later supported by a bouncy and hard-hitting beat giving the track its Emo-Trap vibe. With heartfelt lyrics and a sensitive voice, Clyde sings about being madly in love but realizing that he’s being played, all within a grungy sound mixed with a modern trap influence.

“I tattooed my face to show you that my heart was in the right place” is probably the catchiest, edgiest and favourite lyric I have wrote to date and I love that it fit so well with this track.

– Clyde Syde

“Love Hate” truly conveys the chaotic experience of hating the one you love through dumb acts such as choosing to remain with somebody just for the sexual pleasure. I’m sure some of you will be able to relate to Clyde’s single, for it is a very common problem specially when we’re young!

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