This political, anti-government track challenges the crude reality of the ever-increasing cost of living, with the majority not being able to pay, while the rich keep getting richer. “One Rule” is a fantastic AnarchoPunk / Electronica theme which delivers a tight groove and all the excitement of Rock.


Hello everybody! It’s your boy MadZen and today we have a super fun track that covers a not so fun reality. But all bummer aside, “One Rule” is a great single release from this Sheffield-based artist that mixes Punk, Rock, and Electronica all in one! Yes guys, Ruiz! is back!

In case you don’t know about him, Ruiz! is a British DIY multi instrumentalist, songwriter, producer and vocalist. Hugh Ruiz Robert, or Ruiz! is known for blending 60’s Rock’n’Roll, Electronica, Punk, Pop, Psychedelia and Dark Rock, with his own, unique, and modern taste, delivering cool sounding and exciting tracks!

“One Rule” is Ruiz’s 7th release on Only Fruit Recordings, and it is an 80’s inspired Post Punk track described as Iberian Psych by Sheffield’s Reverend Jon McClure. A political anti-government song created by the artist to speak up and promote change.

We are being treated like fools, the cost of living is becoming unbelievable, and unpayable by the majority of people, whilst the rich, and in power get richer… I know this has been going on around the world for decades now. We need a change. A revolution? Stay safe, keep on keeping on!”


“Is it one rule for us, and none for you?”, Ruiz asks at the beginning of the track, a question that leads to a heavily percussive drum groove and a powerful bass line, with spatial synths wailing in the back. Hugh’s harmonized vocals reach both low and high with a vocoder-like tone, delivering non-compliant lyrics. High-gain guitar chords explode in the chorus and proceed to continue in muted strokes with a belligerent and steady march.

“It’s a song inspired by Borris’ behaviour during lockdown, the parties at Number 10, the holidays, the lies etc, but also with my Catalan blood and the troubles caused by lack offreedom historically and presently in the world, it’s A middle finger to narcissists, corrupt leaders and governments. At the end of our days on planet earth, we are left with only our souls. If yours could be recycled, would it be worth anything?” – Ruiz!

In deed a very good track, one that should open the eyes of many. The music video makes extra emphasis on some of the world’s most infamous leaders and historical events! So there you have it guys, I hope you like the track and, as Ruiz! says, keep on keeping on!

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