Griffen Handshake – “All My Friends Wanna Be Doctors”

This is not an anti-doctor song. This track tackles that awkward feeling of seeing your friends succeed as they pursue professional carriers in life, while all you wanna do is choose your own path, like maybe playing in a Punk band! LISTEN NOW!

Hello, my friends! Welcome back. It’s your music doctor, MadZen and today we have the perfect prescription for all of your troubles… well, maybe not all of them, but this track will put a smile in your face for sure! All the way from Pittsburg, USA this pair of brothers is letting the world know who they are, and who they want to be!

Griffen Handshake was created by Millen (guitar, vocals) and Arjun Schuchert (drums, vocals). They’ve been playing together since middle school, initially playing Punk in their parent’s basement. After years of playing in School Of Rock shows, Griffen Handshake was born in 2019, later releasing their debut album, “My Box”, in April 2021. Now, at ages 23 and 20, the brothers are getting ready for a new era with their latest single release!

“All My Friends Wanna Be Doctors” is an energetic fusion of Punk and Alt Rock. Exciting, highly distorted riffs, powerful drums and a tight bass act as the foundation of this high-speed, Punk Rock track. Brave vocals deliver a strong message, intended for those who act over-qualified and put others down for what they want to do in life. Same old story: “Oh, you wanna be a musician? Great! Have you considered studying for a real career also?” and all that BS.

This track is easily likeable and with a chorus that’s as catchy as it is uplifting. The duo wanted to make a track that people could mosh to, and they absolutely nailed it. So, I highly suggest LISTENNING NOW!

“We are all one, so don’t push us down”. This is what Griffen Handshake stands for.

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