Herald K new single “Wandering Aengus”

Herald K returns with another little piece of mystery. His recent release, “Arethusa” took us into the woods to listen to a mythological story of Alpheus, the river god, and Arethusa, the nymph. The Norwegian singer-songwriter is back to introduce us to his newest single coming from the upcoming album “Mythologies”.

The new song is called “Wandering Aengus“, inspired by a poem by William Butler Yeats. This famous poem has seen reinterpretations from other artists such as Donovan and Jolie Holland, and the mystical story taking place in the text has long inspired Herald K to do his own version. For those who do not know the poem, it’s called “The Song of Wandering Aengus” and it follows the adventures of Aengus, who caught a silver trout. The fish turned into a beautiful girl who ran off into the woods, and Aengus had since been travelling around in search of the girl.

Following the dreamy loveful mood in the poem, “Wandering Aengus” is centered around Herald’s soft-spoken vocals and the melodies of acoustic guitar filling the atmosphere with quiet wonder. The artist is a wanderer himself and his long walks in Norwegian mountains and the Wienerwald have brought that unmistakable serene mood into the single as well. Herald K had also come across a less-known recording of the poem’s author reciting his own work, which became the biggest inspiration for this ethereal little tale of longing and love.

As of what future brings for fans of the artist, Herald K shares us his plans for the rest of the year:

I will continue to release some more singles this year. The full album (‘Mythologies’) has been put forward to release next spring. In the meantime, I will be focusing more on playing more often live

Herald K

Wandering Aengus” is out, LISTEN NOW!!!

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