Rob Lea powerful new single “Freak”

This song goes out to all my beautiful freaks out there. “Freak” by Rob Lea is a curious, heavy-grooving Alt-Rock hymn that celebrates being different and sticks a middle finger up at anyone who says you’re not good enough.


Good morning, evening, or night wherever you are. Welcome back to this humble music blog. It’s your boy MadZen and today we will get our freak on! With a fantastic Alt-Rock essence, mixed with some progressive elements, this track excites with its witty and innovative use of percussions!

Rob Lea is a multi-instrumentalist / multi-faceted artist from Blackpool, UK. He loved music from a very early age, and he credits his music teachers for believing in his talent and inspiring him to take up violin, guitar, piano, drums, and even trumpet, for which he became the lead player in Blackpool Orchestra. Right on!

Rob’s hustle began with a Queen tribute band, a tribute that now has gone on to perform internationally at some of the world’s most prestigious venues. When business was booming, Rob signed a 5 year deal with a booker in the USA… and then the pandemic hit. As you might imagine, all of Rob’s hard work disappeared overnight, putting the artist in a struggle to make ends meet. Such was the event that led to Rob deciding to write his own music and releasing his first single ever, ‘Reflection’ in April 2022.


After massive support from his fans, Rob Lea is now releasing a new track, and trust me guys, it rocks! “Freak” is kind of a freaky track in and of itself, setting itself apart from the majority of Rock tracks out there. Wild percussive elements go in and out just like a skipping stone, a fierce guitar riff leads us all the way through with a decisive attitude, and Rob’s vocals are just spot on.

The track evolves and continues to change as the minutes pass, going from lows to highs in a performance so dynamic that you’ll be pumped up near the end. Once you think you’ve got a hold of the track, something new hits!

“As for the song the chorus came first for me. I liked it because it was one of those simple lyrical hooks that can mean many things to many people. For me it was about fighting that voice inside yourself that says you need to change for people to like you. For me, embracing everything that makes you a “Freak” can lift the weight of social expectations and allow you to live your life, unapologetically.”

Rob Lea
“My hopes for this piece is that others can find a moment to stick a middle finger up at the demons that hound us, whether in real life or in our own minds.” Rob Lea

This is a very cool and entertaining track, and it should be enjoyed by all of you, so I highly recommend you PLAY IT NOW!!!

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