S J Denney- “I Don’t Know If This Changes Things?”

Today’s featured single is the upcoming latest release by the great S J Denney! “I Don’t Know If This Changes Things?” is a melancholic track about the nature of relationships. Featuring a vast array of instruments and sounds, S J Denney delivers yet another awesome hit to add to his streak!

S J Denney is an English alt-rock singer-songwriter. Known for his blend of folk and alt-rock, he pushes the boundaries with each new release in both thematic and musical approaches. His themes center around relationships, mental health, self-worth and discovery. Deeply personal, his music takes us into unknown atmospheres that are a joy to explore. S J Denney always experiments with his style and instrumentation, so that every new release is something completly new as we can see with his recent releases such as the singles A Silent Scream, All I’ve Ever Known and the EP 4 Reasons To Fly. “I Don’t Know If This Changes Things?” proves to be the next stage in S J Denney’s career.

I Don’t Know If This Changes Things?” is a melancholic track whose alt-rock sound resonates in a way that it establishes an emotional connection with the listener. It explores how relationships transform, how the past may be completely transformed in unexpected way. This brings a feeling of uncertainty, but it is a feeling we must accept if we want to continue forward. S J Denney brings forward a feeling of hopeful nostalgia with his music featuring baritone electric guitar, piano and an awesome muted trumpet solo. This assures that, no matter what you like “I Don’t Know…” has something that you will love. Its atmosphere transmits us a feeling of bittersweetness engulfs us. What will the future bring forward for us?

“I Don’t Know If This Changes Things?” is out now. Waste no more time, press that PLAY BUTTON NOW!!!

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