The Margaret Hooligans – “Feedback”

This track questions the purpose of oversharing in the digital age. “Feedback” explodes and bursts like an overloaded machine, delivering powerful drumming and swift ukulele riffs. OUT NOW!

Hello, hello everybody! It’s your boy MadZen and today we have yet another single release coming straight to us by the lovely duo The Margaret Hooligans! First of all I hope you’re all well, I hope you’re safe and happy, having a good time in this new music Friday. Now, onto the music!

TMH’s new upcoming album ‘Turntable Tribulations’ is available for pre-order on Bandcamp now.

Ok guys, this is TMH’s sixth and last single release from their upcoming album Turntable Tribulations, due on Oct. 21. After releasing Pete and Roger, the dynamic duo is returning with another explosive, frenzy track inspired by the chaotic digital seas of social media, and its excess of opinions.

“Thematically, this album has a lot of songs that deal with what it feels like to be a Gen X adult trying to adapt to this online meta verse which feels a little weird and false. I like the convenience of certain aspects of it, but one of the things I detest is that it has opened the door to oversharing.

“I didn’t ask for your feedback”, Meg chant’s right after a dodgy Irish-like Mr. Strontium starts praising her voice and “asking” her to sing more. Immediately followed by an unleashing of frustration, the track lays waste over the overload of opinions, criticism, and musings that make everybody angry.

You will hear a fierce drum playing supported by electric ukulele riffs, one of the main traits that characterises these hooligans! Meg chants decisively and with a clear frustration, speaking up and telling the unwanted critic to piss off. A shower of percussions falls down over us like a rhythmic tsunami!

The Margaret Hooligans end the track with a comic note when the same dodgy Irish-like Mr. Strontium tells Meg that he “didn’t like that one very much”, frustrating Meg even more! Yikes.

Feedback in music is when a mic pics up a distorted signal from an amp and creates a terrible noise that makes you cover your ears as a reflex, so it has a dual meaning for us there as well, because when I see too many comments on a FB post about something controversial, I can’t let myself read that because I don’t want to be poisoned by it.

For Meg, there’s only so many opinions you can listen to before over saturating yourself, especially if you’re an artist! She believes that ultimately you just have to tell your story the way you need to tell it. So, if you wanna hear her story, go ahead and PRESS THAT PLAY BUTTON NOW!

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