Moon and Aries new EP “Break The Matrix (Episode One)”

Earlier this year “The Arrival” of a mysterious entity took place. The newcomer unraveled itself to be a duo called Moon and Aries showcasing their debut LP. Their mission – to enhance the vibrations in the listener and enhance the mood – was loud and clear and still holds on to this day, but this time, this rather unlikely duo is back with quite a forward-moving statement!

International by nature, Moon and Aries is a German composer-producer Tom Aries and Canadian singer-songwriter Jordana Moon, and their music, dubbed as Synth Pop Opera by the creators, sounds like something straight from the future. Warm textured synthwave along with Jordana Moon’s emotionally charged vocals form something really captivating yet strange and time-defying, like enlightened retrofuturism. The duo’s new plan is about as otherworldly – seeking to overcome the Old World, Moon and Aries is set to bring forth the New World, and the first part to come from the process of building that is their new EP “Break The Matrix (Episode One)”.

Filled with three bold songs and a definite desire to open up a new era, “Break The Matrix” is the first installation from an upcoming eponymous trilogy. Fittingly, the sound of this EP is infused with hints of trip-hop and soul, and it really can’t wait to bring forth the New. It begins with heavy load of anticipation in “Closer and Closer“, a vibrant lush song with paced tickling synth arps, and continues with the anxious wait in the emotional ballad of “The in Between“. The first part ends with brooding emotional “Losing Control“, a song as large as life that leaves us on a bit of a cliffhanger waiting for the second installment.

The first part of Break The Matrix trilogy is out now on your favorite platform!

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  1. It’s amazing how many artists now can be from multiple countries in a collaborative space. So much more music out now because of this

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