Lonnieclaire – “Flock o’ Fakes”

This track takes the weird and the melodic to another level. “Flock o’ Fakes” is an eclectic contradiction between amazing melodies and disharmonies that seem to work together just fine. It’s Americana with Garage Rock! LISTEN NOW!

Hello my friends! It’s your boy, MadZen, and I’m super glad to be here back again with you after a little, well-deserved, break. We have a lot of great new music waiting to be discovered so let’s get going! Today we begin with a brand new track brought to us by a very interesting and unique band (to say the least), the New Yorkers Lonnieclaire!

You can watch the video here

Apparently these guys debuted back in the 90’s with a 4-track cassette demo. Since then they’ve been refining their sound and playing with tonality, structure, and texture. And guess what, this is their first track ever released on platforms. Hooray!

“Flock o’ Fakes” is an original fusion of grunge and rock but also power pop. A slightly disharmonic, vastly original tune that brings together lofi textures with a familiar sound. In a very short amount of time, the song has been featured on radio stations around the globe as well as several indie podcasts including Chao Theory, Garagerocktopia, Mystery Box Radio, NOSW and The Attic Show. 

Some people say this song is intense and full of surprises, and they wouldn’t be wrong, “Flock o’ Flakes” gets rid of the conventional and embraces experimentation. Wailing vocals, sympathetic/nostalgic guitar riffs, and powerful drumming make of this track a unique and interesting approach to a genre that has been heavily disparaged. Until now!

Lonnieclaire is currenty preparing the release of their first LP and you can PRE-ORDER on bancamp today. Here it is:

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