This is one of those tracks that move forward like a bulldozer, chasing away a stampede. “Betamax VS VHS” fuels itself with gallons of fuzzy Punk, burning hot with all the heat of Alt Rock. This modern world shitshow required a soundtrack, so here it is. LISTEN NOW!

Hello everybody! It’s a me, your friend, your music guru, MadZen and today we will be running for our lives trying to escape this monumental 10-ton beast of a track brought to us by the UK duo, Gaylips. Spoiler alert, they don’t quite sound like their name. So welcome back, and let’s get to it.

The exact time when Carl and Jonny got together to create Gaylips has been forgotten, but so far, they’ve released a full album, ‘Fuck the Plan, Sell the Man’, which won ‘Album of the Year’ from Transmission Radio; and a bunch of singles like, ‘The Future will be Built from Spare Parts’ and ‘The Ballad of Hinksley Road’ both which enjoyed BBC 6 Music airplay and are still going great guns around the world. And Luton.

Betamax VS VHS” is one hell of a track that works as a satire about the excessive, non-sensical opinions going around all over the internet. A soaring single filled with fat, fuzzy guitars and aggressive drum playing, garnished with energetic chants, screams, shouts and all of that. Nothing feeble about it!

Welcome to Betamax vs. VHS – Modern Life vs. Art – Polyester vs. 100% Cotton. We’ll leave you with one question to ponder: Does Ben Fogle even exist if no one is there to see him drink pine needle tea?” – Gaylips

A short track that bursts like an atom bomb, this single really captures the listener with its wild percussions and high Watt potency. A song that not only tackles one of the most laughable happenings of the internet, but also catapults us into a fiery state of mind that unshackles the body and stimulates the spirit! So, LISTEN NOW!

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