Jackson Watson – “Feels Like Yesterday”

This track tackles a theme which most of us have been through: Falling apart from a long-time friend. “Feels Like Yesterday” sticks with the good memories and says goodbye to a relationship that had reached its end. OUT NOW!

Hello everybody! It’s your good friend MadZen and today we will talk about an new track that may or may not strike a chord within you. Jackson Watson, an artist from Montgomery, Alabama is preparing his sophomore album release titled “Numb”, and this single is its promotional track!

Jackson Watson an Indie-pop artist who draws inspiration from nature and personal experience. He is heavily influenced by artists like Michael Jackson, Harry Styles, Tame Impala, and Twenty One Pilots. He likes to mix fresh-modern pop melodies with classic R&B and Psychedelic Rock tones, making his music unique but still reminiscent of artists like Prince and Queen.

“Feels Like Yesterday” was born after one of Watson’s closest friends decided to cut ties with him. “It was a hardship I had to overcome due to being so close with them.“, Jackson explains. With this track, the Montgomery-based musician found peace and he wishes the same for people who have gone through something similar as they hear this song.

An acoustic Pop song with emotive verses and humble guitar progressions that slowly develops with its swingy groove and nostalgic violins. Accepting the fact that these people will no longer be part of his life, Jackson created a track that serves its dwelling purpose and, ultimately, finds freedom in continuing his own path. So go ahead and LISTEN NOW!

“Thank you for giving me a chance and I hope you resonate with this song. It means a lot to me, and I hope for anyone that went through something similar can find peace within this track. And for my music in general, you can always expect a natural look into life through the lens of someone so young yet quite experienced more than you’d think.” Jackson Watson

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