BEES! – “Bees in Space”

This is an amazing Chip Tune Rock experience filled with hyped rhythms, exciting 8-bit melodies, and lots of dry humor. “Bees In Space” brings new life to the retro arcade world, delivering big explosions of gritty riffs and maniac drum playing. LISTEN NOW!

How’s it going ladies and gentlemen? It’s me, MadZen, and today we will dust off our old Nintendos, SEGAs, or whichever retro gaming system you’ve got as we get ready to fight some radioactive BEEEES!! I’m super excited about this EP for it is really one of a kind, and a pretty damn good one. LET’S GET TO IT!

BEES! is an amazing Philadelphia-based band known for their signature goofy riffy alt rock. Since their debut EP “BEES!” in 2020, the band has continued to create and deliver supersonic Rock themes mixed with all the nostalgia of retro games’ music. With a powerful line-up BEES! are returning with a brand-new EP that urges us to save the world from evil, space bees!

This album sounds like an arcade in the 90s – high-energy punky alternative rock with a little bit of chiptune and a lot of video game influence. 

Composed of three outstanding singles and a super cool 8-bit intro, Bees In Space charms the listener with its sense of nostalgia mixed with incredibly exciting riffs. Aggressive and original, this songs make you wanna play NES all day long, with BEES! playing in the background.

We start with “Sorry”, a single previously released, but no less formidable, that now takes part of the EP. After the beautifully composed intro, “Bees In Space”, “Sorry” catapults us into outer-space with a Punk production about the worst kind of apology! Masterfully crafted riffs, cleverly stacked synths, violent drum playing and super funny lyricism make this opening track the perfect appetizer. Man, this track is good.

About the band name – it’s not like we’re “The Bees” – it’s more like you’re in a horror movie being chased by giant, radioactive bees screaming, “BEEEEEEEEES!!!!” – BEES!

We continue with “A Thousand Times”, another cleverly written song with lyrics about our human willingness to believe misinformation – whose simmering chorus repeats the dry humor of the “This is Fine” dog-in-a-fire meme. Explosive, dynamic, and with a grungy sound, this track continues to hype as it releases it slow-burning venom.

We conclude with “1×1”, a track said to be one of the “crowd’s favorites”. I believe it is about… ants (?) A simpler but no less energetic track that wraps up the EP with a splendorous finale. BEES! even made a video game to go along with the EP! (Search “Bees in Space SMW” on YouTube to find play-through videos). Truly an amazing and super fun EP, so go ahead and LISTEN NOW!

The first track, Bees in Space, is also the theme to the video game we made, and a Super Mario World version of “Sorry” plays as you fight the final Big Bee Boo boss. Someone said it “sounds like an arcade in the 90s,” which is just about to be best compliment we’ve gotten!” – BEES!

To record this EP, BEES! returned to Cardinal Recordings, where their previous singles, “Life Coach” and “We Don’t Wander” were produced. Acclaimed artist and designer Brian Langan, who illustrated BEES! self-titled debut EP, again provided B-movie inspired cover art, this time in 1950s sci-fi style.

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  1. MadZen knows what he’s talking about! Also, fun fact: You can see me in the photo of them. Top left corner… I was at the gig!

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